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Adrian Ong


My passion for photography started when my dad handed me his Nikon FM1 camera when we visited Taiwan when I was about 9 years old. I love looking at pictures and appreciating the art.

I bought my first DSLR a Nikon D90 back in 2010 and I used my dad’s old Nikon AIS lenses to tide me over until I had a few jobs and bought some newer lenses. I took photos of just anything that comes into my frame from birds, flowers, and anything in between.

The month of September 2014 I met Scott Robert Lim a world-renowned photographer and educator. He changed my life forever. He mentored me and he showed me the ways to become a better photographer. I took his advice to heart and practiced with friends and models to experiment and be ready for a job.

In Nov 2014 after a weekend of a wonderful workshop, I got laid-off from my job at a huge bank. That was a deciding factor for my family’s future and my wife supported my passion and became a full-time photographer.

I mostly shoot weddings, engagements, and portraits and inclined to vivid colors with editorial influence.

My work can be seen in multiple online bridal magazines including Modern Weddings, How They Asked, Brides and Weddings, Ceremony Magazine, and more.

My work has also been featured on ABC7LA Instagram Page, VFPresets Instagram Page, Top 20 Inspiring Winter Portraits on SLR Lounge, and Top 21 of 2016’s Best Images on SLR Lounge as well.

My goal is to continue my work and capture moments that will forever be cherished by families in the generations to come.

Adrian Ong image of man and woman on beach sand log birds blue sky
Adrian Ong image of girl in short white dress in front of cream colored vintage Volkswagen VW bus at the beach
Adrian Ong image of bride and groom at night backlit trees reflection in pond
Adrian Ong image of man and woman in front of historic building cars zooming blurred

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