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StellaPro's powerful, portable LED lights set up fast for an easier Photo/Video Lighting experience.

Our Lighting Lineup

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StellaPro Clx10, continous LED light for photography and videography. Perfect for the hybrid shooter.
Regular price $1,299.99 Sale price$699.99

Our flagship continuous light

Reflex S

Strobe up to 30FPS!

Reflex Studio

Powered off the wall

Camera Lighting Kits & Combos

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CLx10 Imaging Kit
Regular price $1,699.99 Sale price$915.27
StellaPro 2 Light Storyteller Kit
Regular price $3,199.99 Sale price$1,722.87
StellaPro Aquaterra CLx10 Kit
Regular price $1,799.99 Sale price$1,079.99

Light underwater and topside frames

Event Filmmaker Kit
Regular price $4,099.99 Sale price$2,459.99

Backpacks & Bags from NOMATIC

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McKinnon Camera Pack 25L
from $299.99
McKinnon Cube Pack 21L
McKinnon Camera Pack 35L Rain Cover
McKinnon Camera Pack 35L
McKinnon Accessory Case

HoldFast Gear

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Money Maker | Original Leather Camera Harness |
from $260.00
Money Maker Solo
from $185.00
The HF Classic Strap
Camera Swagg
from $190.00