Why StellaPro

Hybrid shooting is here! Lighten up your gear bag and shoot stills and video with one
powerful, weatherproof, and high-quality light. Beautiful Light Made Easy.


Fast & Mobile

In studio or on location. Take seconds to set up your studio.

Easy to Learn

What you see is what you get.

Beautiful Imagery

Exceptional quality of light.

Hybrid Shooting

One tool for stills and video.

The Brand Story

The StellaPro line of ultra-powerful compact LEDs lights for on-the-go professionals was launched by Light & Motion in 2017.

For over 30 years, Light & Motion has been a leader in lighting for demanding professional image makers shooting video and photos underwater. We were the first to commit to powerful LED lights. We brought our deep experience to bear on solving real problems for topside professionals. StellaPro Lights deliver high color rendering and flicker-free performance combined with the best batteries and ultra durable rain proof, drop proof enclosures for gear you can rely on.

All our products are built in California where our design and fantastic customer service team work to support our customers worldwide.

StellaPro lights are the choice of major news networks including NBC, Fox, CBS, as well as Disney. StellaPro lights have been on Air Force One and Two, lit the Weather Channel team in the middle of hurricanes, and supported reality TV shows including Whale Wars and Bachelorette.