Mark Behrens, the other Chopstick Guy has been shooting high-quality photographs for over twenty years. Always interested in teaching others the art of great photography, he began conducting workshops emphasizing the various aspects of photography. These workshops have now been attended by thousands of amateur and professional photographers from around the world. Since 2010 Mark has also taught Adobe Photoshop in 38 states.

Whether in a classroom or at his latest workshop, Mark relies on a down-to- earth style to teach basic and advanced photographic techniques. He can never be found without a camera, believing that every good photographer’s camera should become an extension of themselves.

Mark’s past work has included Banzai magazine, ESPN as well as working with a number of musicians, A-list celebrities and professional athletes. When not working in his studio or conducting workshops, Mark spends most of his free time with his wife and their four children. Together, they enjoy boating, camping, hiking and riding quads in the mountains near their home in Redding, California.

Mark Behrens portrait of woman wearing colorful dress Bonneville Salt Flats

Mark Behrens portrait of woman in pink dress and black boots in old abandoned railway tunnel

Mark Behrens portrait of blond woman sitting on rocks wearing red top and brown high heels blue sky