StellaPro Reflex S Lights Stylized Fashion Shoot and Product Review

StellaPro Reflex S Lights Stylized Fashion Shoot and Product Review

Roberto Valenzuela is a professional photographer in Los Angeles, CA, who immortalizes life’s special moments. As an internationally recognized and award-winning photographer, Roberto creates spectacular portraits for weddings and other special occasions.

The StellaPro Reflex S is not just ‘another gadget’ for Roberto Valenzuela

Roberto and his team tested Reflex S in a high production midnight shoot at a historic downtown Tucson hotel. The advantages of Reflex were numerous! 

The small form factor. This allowed the team full permission to proceed with the photoshoot without any hesitation from the hotel’s night manager. Tiny and powerful!

Portability. With Reflex, who can complain about being a human light stand? The super lightweight Reflex eliminates the need for any C-Stand. High mobility and less gear!

Beam angle control. The variety of modifiers allow you to control the spread of light. The lighting was crafted in a way to evoke mood and a high fashion feel. Use your modifiers to contour the light and add dimension. Use light to communicate and not just to illuminate. 

The hybrid function of the light. Your subject will no longer be blinded by an LED light. With Reflex, you can double the output with the digital burst, turn down the constant light and optimize the power on the battery.