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John de Dios | Davis de Dios Media


John de Dios has spent the last nearly 20 years as a photojournalist, photography and multimedia mentor for college students and mid-career professionals, instructor, program director and diversity advocate across many different organizations around the country, including The New York Times, Dow Jones News Fund, UNITY Journalists, the Asian American Journalists Association, Native American Journalists Association, and many others. He has produced video and photography content for many international entities including the National Geographic Society, The University of Arizona, Vanderbilt University, Arizona State University, the National Science Foundation, Canon USA, Scientific American, News Corps., Genetic Literacy Project, and various other publications and corporate clients. De Dios co-founded Davis de Dios Media with Davis after working together and independently for several years. They are also co-producers for ModelHunt International, a model search competition that promotes body positivity, inclusivity and diversity and it is based in Los Angeles, California.

Davis de Dios Media is the partnership Alan Davis and John de Dios formed officially to combine their experiences. Since starting the business officially in 2018, they have produced visual content and social media campaigns for The University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Vanderbilt University, National Science Foundation, Tactile Medical, Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, the Sacramento Zoo and many others across California, Arizona, and Colorado. Davis de Dios has continued to grow in the past two years, adding more associate members to the team to oversee talent and sales division. Davis de Dios Media also is the media producer for ModelHunt International in Los Angeles.

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