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Kristi Sutton Elias


Stella lights help me complete the stories that live in my mind. “For the art that we do not create no one will."

Master Artist, Craftsman and Master photographer Kristi Sutton Elias has been an artist all of her life. Earning her degree from Brooks Institute of Photography of Santa Barbara in 1998, she’s worked as a professional photographer and gallery represented artist for the past 23 years. With an artist’s eye and a poetic soul, Kristi merges her artistic energy and creativity into fine art portraiture, creating pieces that show her identifiable mystic and timeless style. 

From sketch to sculpture, Kristi’s passion for fine art photography has brought her to the forefront of the photography world, and she has been featured on NBC News, in museums, art galleries, billboards, storefront window displays, Magazine covers and ads as well as in numerous industry magazines like Professional Photographer and Rangefinder Magazine.

Kristi has earned numerous awards and international recognition. Including multiple Photographer of the Year Medallions, California Photographer of the Year Awards, Canon Par Excellence awards, ASP State Elite and District Awards, PPA Loan Collection images. Selected on Team USA for the World Photographic cup and over 100 WPPI Honors of Excellence Awards.

Kristi owns a luxury based fine art portrait studio and art gallery located on the water in Shoreline Village of Long Beach California. In 2016 she also opened an underwater photography studio in Long Beach California.

She's extremely involved in her industry as a member of the American Society of Photographers, Professional Photographers of California, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, and PPA, where she serves as a Council Member. Kristi is an active member of Camera Craftsmen of America. Kristi believes in giving back and helping to grow the photography industry, achieving this through her roles as photographic mentor, teacher, author, and image competition judge.

Kristi is now speaking and sharing her success with other photographers across the United States, giving back to the profession that has given her so much.

On Stella CL Lights:

I originally bought the Light & Motion Stella Pro 5000 3-Light Kit for my fine art underwater photography. I love how durable the lights are and easy to work with. I started using my Stella lights for my above water/ studio shoots. I instantly fell in love with how quick and easy I could control and shape light. My Stella lights help to create a unique style to my work and add a cinematic touch.

Kristi Elias photograph of woman harlequin in water
Kristi Elias Photograph of woman in water wearing dress and veil
Kristi Elias photograph of woman mermaid in copper dress clouds underwater
Kristi Elias Photograph of woman in white tule laying in spiky wood chair
Kristi Elias photograph of woman in bronze dress with fresco background circular image
Kristi Elias photograph of man with crow on shoulder raven on shoulder in a dark forest man wearing suit
Kristi Elias photograph of woman floating above sea clouds
Kristi Elias photograph of boy swinging in tree in jungle elephants
Kristi Elias photograph of girl fairy blue
Kristi Elias photograph of woman holding child young girl white hair moody
Kristi Elias photograph of woman in blue and gold dress with fresco in background
Kristi Elias photograph of man in dark suit white collar dramatic
Kristi Elias photograph of woman in water reflection floating


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