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Mark Edward Harris, Champion of Light


After graduating from California State University, Los Angeles with a Master of Arts Degree in Pictorial/Documentary History, Mark Edward Harris started his professional photography career doing the stills for the Merv Griffin Show and various television and movie companies. When the show ended he set off on a four-month trek across the Pacific and throughout Southeast Asia, China and Japan. The images created on that trip brought attention to his travel and documentary photography. Assignments have since taken him to more than 100 countries on six continents. His editorial work has appeared in publications ranging from Vanity Fair, Time, and The New York Times to Conde Nast Traveler, National Geographic Traveler and The London Sunday Times Travel Magazine as well as all the major photography and in-flight magazines. He is the recipient of numerous accolades including CLIO, ACE, ImpactDoc, Aurora Gold, and IPA awards. His books include Faces of the Twentieth Century: Master Photographers and Their Work, The Way of the Japanese Bath, Wanderlust, North Korea, South Korea, Inside Iran, The Travel Photo Essay: Describing A Journey Through Images, and his latest The People of the Forest, about orangutans.

Mark Edward Harris DPRK Pyongyang Traffic Officer

A traffic officer in Pyongyang, North Korea[/caption] “The ability to work with Stella lights under any weather conditions combined with their incredible portability, power, and the capability to see what you’re going to get in real time make them the ideal lights for both indoor and outdoor location shoots.” - Mark Edward Harris 

Mark Edward Harris Pyongyang Arirang large group of people in syncronous movement
Mark Edward Harris woman in green dress in Beverly Hills Library jade lion sculptures books drapes
Mark Edward Harris Orangutan Portrait Indianapolis Katy
Mark Edward Harris Borneo Nyaru Menteng Orangutans in red wheelbarrow


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