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About Fusion TLC:

With the need to advance photography gear and make better tools to give you the ultimate creative experience, Fusion TLC is the revolution in total light control. 

They are committed to bringing you a premium user experience through modern gear that is smart, intuitive and flexible. With easy upgrades through cloud software updates increasing the product life expectancy, designing more greener products and creating the first trigger with LED focus assist lighting, we are here to disrupt the market.

Their philosophy is to work with you to create the next generation of photography gear. We are on a mission to help you create state-of-the-art shooting experience and push your creative boundaries. We are committed to excellence.

Fusion TLC will be making bigger impressions with custom differentiations and more cutting edge technology in the future so that you can keep creating amazing photos. Their next goal is to disrupt the market with revolutionary light metering and color metering functionalities.

Why We Love Fusion TLC:

Meet Raven

The world's only flash trigger that reliably controls and triggers two different flash brands at the same time e.g. StellaPro, Profoto, Godox, PocketWizard and more. Adjust your settings easily with a full color OLED touch screen. Save time with quick, easy and efficient flash control. There’s no need to replace batteries as you can charge it whenever and wherever, just like StellaPro lights!

More applause for Fusion TLC Raven transmitter:

“This gear offers me features that no other trigger does.”

-Ivan Duran, Fine Art and Fashion Photographer

Why is Light & Motion/StellaPro partnering with Fusion TLC?

Fusion TLC continues to innovate their products allowing for maximum cross compatibility with several photographic light manufacturers, including StellaPro.

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