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About HoldFast Gear:

HoldFast Gear is a brand born from a spirit of adventure and a keen eye for aesthetics. Rooted in the belief that history is waiting to be captured and made, HoldFast Gear provides meticulously crafted gear for anyone with a camera. Crafted with care in Oklahoma, USA, HoldFast takes pride in ethical manufacturing and contributing to the local economy.

Why We Love HoldFast Gear:

We've always admired brands that aren't afraid to innovate and adapt, and HoldFast Gear epitomizes this spirit perfectly. Starting with camera harnesses, they've expanded their product line to include an astonishing variety of items—from organizer trays to knife sheaths. This diversification isn't just cool; it's a testament to their responsiveness to customer needs and their willingness to continually reinvent themselves. 

But what's the point of variety without quality? HoldFast Gear's commitment to true artisanal quality goes beyond mere aesthetics or function. It permeates every stitch, buckle, and design decision, ensuring not just a diverse range of products but ones that you can rely on for years to come. This unwavering standard guarantees that every item not only meets but exceeds your expectations, delivering both functionality and longevity. It's not just about having options; it's about having options that you can rely on, year after year.

HoldFast Gear not only prioritizes thoughtful product design but also earnestly commits to ethical manufacturing practices. Crafting their products right in their home state of Oklahoma, USA, they support their local economy and ensure stringent quality control over every item that exits their facility. 

Therefore, we proudly present to you, HoldFast Gear—a brand that embodies the essence of quality, innovation, and community enrichment.

Customer Support

For general inquiries, please reach out to or, to contact HoldFast directly, fill out this form. Holdfast believes in simplicity and quality. For their non-leather items, they offer a one-year warranty starting from the purchase date. When it comes to their leather goods, Holdfast is committed for the long haul; if any of these items break under normal use or ordinary wear and tear, they'll either fix or replace it at their discretion. The company not only stands by the products they create but also deeply values their customer relationships. By becoming part of the Holdfast family, rest assured they've got your back. For warranties and return assistance, contact

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