About Rogue Photographic Design:

Founded by ExpoImaging in 2009, Rogue Photographic Design has carved a niche for itself in the world of professional photography by offering award-winning portable lighting equipment. With an array of products such as shapeable reflectors, umbrellas, and magnetic light modifiers, Rogue aims to redefine how photographers interact with light. Their top-tier offerings like Round Flash Magnetic Light Modifiers, FlashBenders, Lighting Umbrellas, and Super Soft Silver Reflectors are testaments to their innovative spirit.

Why We Love Rogue Photographic Design:

The Rogue Umbrella Travel Kit

Light & Motion is in the business of illuminating life's important moments, and that's why Rogue Photographic Design resonates with us. They aren't just creating light modifiers; they're crafting tools that empower photographers to control and shape light in new, creative ways. Their focus on portability aligns seamlessly with our commitment to delivering high-quality, portable lighting solutions for various applications.

Rogue's passion for innovation is nothing short of inspiring. From the pioneering company behind the digital white balance filter, the team at Rogue has precision in their blood. Their magnetic light modifiers, shapeable reflectors, and other products have won awards for good reason: they bring a level of finesse and control to lighting that is indispensable for professional photography. Whether it’s speedlights or studio strobes, Rogue has a top-notch modifier to fit.

Customer Support:

For general inquiries, please contact seva@lightandmotion.com. For warranties, returns, and exchanges, contact info@expoimaging.com. ExpoImaging offers a 30-day return policy for products shipped from their store, requiring returns to be in original condition and packaging. Detailed terms and procedures for returns and warranties can be found here.