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About Spekular:

Spekular is in the business of transforming how light shapes photography and videography, breathing life into every frame. Their approach isn't just about providing illumination; it's about offering a canvas where light dances and creativity flourishes. At Light & Motion, we connect with this vision—after all, mastering light is our forte too.

Why We Love Spekular:

Spekular stands out with its modular LED lights that offer exceptional versatility and creativity. Their ability to shape and customize light transforms photography, aligning perfectly with our own passion for innovative and high-quality lighting solutions at Light & Motion. It's this shared commitment to transforming visuals into experiences that makes Spekular a brand we deeply admire.

Customer Support:

Their goal is to provide the highest quality products.

Customers are encouraged to utilize the Instructions and FAQ pages on the website for proper use of Spekular gear.

In case of any issues with items purchased, Spekular offers assistance. To ensure a swift resolution, customers should call their Customer Support team (+1 877-655-8084) or email them at

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