StellaPro Reflex Manual

Here are some tips, tricks and helpful links for using your Reflex lights.

Reflex Manual

StellaPro Imaging Control App (Updating your Reflex Light):

StellaPro Imaging Control

Compatible with iOS 14+

Reflex App Image Apple Store App

Registering your Reflex

The app automatically registers your Reflex to your account during the first firmware update.

Updating the firmware on your Reflex 

  • Set your Reflex to Bluetooth mode in the wireless settings
  • Enter Reflex serial number then scan for devices
  • To connect Reflex select device from list
  • Once connected, select device again to update firmware
  • Progress bar will notify you of update status

Do not turn off phone or leave app while update is in progress 



Mounting Tips and Tricks: 


Mounting Options:


Mounting (Lightstand):



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