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LED Camera Lights Meet CBS News Crew Demands


By Jake Barlow CBS News

JakeBarlow_BernieStellaProPerfect timing to capture the ideal moment defines my world. In the ‘run and gun’ realm of news gathering there are no second chances.  There are no routine days in news - demands are constantly changing and no two days are alike. News can occur in any location, at any time, in any weather and I need to be prepared.  Quality equipment with minimal set-up is essential.  The Stella 2000 and its big brother Stella Pro 5000 make this a reality.  Shooting situations are often unexpected and diverse but the professional demand is constant - we are always to be above industry standards. By adding the Light & Motion Stellas to my light kit I have seen improvement in my work.  The flexibility they offer is amazing. My gear load has been significantly lightened and the time saved in set-up is astounding.

Key impressions of the Stella:

JakeBarlow_interviewGloBulb only

I utilize them for background lighting before sun up as well as hair light from above. While on the air I introduce them as a fill light head-on to match the daylight with my existing LED lights.  I believe that two of the Stella 5000s can be a replacement for all my LED lights.I no longer pack HMI lights because of the time consuming installation and requirement to be tethered to the truck for power. For interviews I attach Stella to a boom for fly over key lighting with the glo bulb attachment.This saves me time and the affect is incredible.



My work often takes place in extreme weather conditions. I have to have tough equipment that can take below zero temperatures and are reliable at any hour of the day. The Stellas met that challenge leading up to and during the Iowa Caucus. These lights met the demands of our team and were flawless. The compact size and powerful punch is remarkable, yet the time saving aspect can’t be understated.

JakeBarlow_finishframeInterview JakeBarlow_STella Interview                  

My world is defined by perfect timing – Stella lights have become a staple to help capture that ideal moment.

About Jake Barlow:JakeBarlow_Stellaw:Jake Jake started shooting local news in 1995 after collage . He joined CBS Network News, Chicago in 2002. In the last 14 years with CBS, Jake has covered 5 elections, 7 hurricanes, and Haiti's earthquake among other top news stories and events. His real love is covering music festivals which he does as a photographer for 2014Nominated nationally Emmy for Best Shot Story. Emmy Winner 2013 with CBS Sunday Morning.

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