GoBe 800 Spot FC
GoBe 800 Spot FC
GoBe 800 Spot FC
GoBe 800 Spot FC
GoBe 800 Spot FC

GoBe 800 Spot FC

part no. 856-0691-A


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Quick Specs
  • Beam Angle (spot): 12°
  • Charge Time: 180 Min
  • Water Depth Rating: 120 Meters
  • Impact Resistance: 1 Meter
  • Max Output: 800 Lumens
  • Runtime on High: 90 Min
  • Weight: 178 grams
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The ultimate waterproof flashlight conscientiously designed to go anywhere you want to be. Featuring a powerful spot beam optimized to eliminate hot spots and provide an excellent balance of beam distance and viewing angle creating the perfect light both above and below the surface. Exclusive FC (Fast Charge) Technology allows a rapid recharge ensuring GoBe is ready for every adventure.

  • Regulated lumen output certified by the FL-1 Standard provides verified performance
  • 12° spot beam is void of any distracting artifacts or hard edges in the center
  • Custom optics increases light penetration to aid in low visibility applications
  • Accurate multi-color battery status indicator is easy to see underwater and gauge remaining runtime
  • Compatible with all GoBe interchangeable lightheads allowing quick beam changes and light versatility
  • Mounting options include Loc-Line, Ball, YS, Bar, and Handstrap ensuring GoBe can mount anywhere
  • Fast Charge technology enables light to go from fully drained to full in 3 hours
  • Lumins Output: High (800), Medium (400), Low (200), Camp (75), SOS (100)
  • Charge time: 180 Min
  • Beam Angle: 12° (spot)
  • IP Rating (FL-1): 68
  • Depth Rating (FL-1): 120 meters
  • Impact Resistance (FL-1): 1 meter
  • Thermal Management: Passive Cooling
  • Fast Charge: True
  • Product Dimensions: 4.9" x 1.9" x 1.9"

Can the GoBe be used as a handheld flashlight?

The GoBe was designed with limitless uses in mind. It can be a light you walk your dogs with, take on camping trips, or a great primary/secondary light for all of your diving adventures!

What other uses and mounts are available for GoBe?

Available accessory mounts allow GoBe to attach to any standard ball mount system, Loc-Line system, and YS mount fitting for underwater camera systems as well as a bicycle handlebar or helmet.

Is the a better primary or secondary dive light?

That depends on a diver's needs. GoBe is an excellent recommendation for divers that want a high-quality and dependable dive light and the compact size easily tucks into a BCD during day dives. There are equal numbers of divers that use GoBe as a primary as they do as a secondary light. From a helmet mounted cave diving primary to a backup for a wreck dive, GoBe's versatility is unmatched.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great light

Great light. I use it as a starter light and will be my backup light later...

But packed in lots of plastic :(

great light but suffers...

Great light but suffers from poor web technology. Why have any printed manuals, when every one else has them also online to download to avoid losing all that paper, that attracts roaches anyway?

Guy Cardwell
One light, multiple uses

I cycle and dive, but never at the same time, so why not use one for both. The Gobe charges quickly, and with the hand mount and bar mount, it's easy to swap between the bicycle and my dive rig.

Clint Christiansen
GOBE 800

Very bright light. Could be used as primary.

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