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In the pursuit of your passions, the quality of your gear matters. 

We are a U.S. manufacturer committed to building products with integrity. We have been designing and building award-winning products in California for over 30 years.

Drawing upon decades of experience, we optimized our store to make it easy to get your hands on gear you can trust.

L&M designs, develops, markets, and supports our products in a former Apache helicopter repair and service facility in Fort Ord Airbase, Marina, CA.

Manufacturing a Reflex light in our facility.

Why Buy From Us

We've curated gear from brands that have the same high standards for innovation and customer-centricity as we do.

Factory floor to your door gets you the most current, authentic product possible. No counterfeit, no tampering, no expiring product or out-of-date firmware.

Superior Support

Have a question? We will connect you with the right person to answer. If that's the engineer who designed the product, we'll get her on the phone with you.

We only endorse brands who share our commitment to customer success.

The Light & Motion crew at headquarters.

We're Here for YOU

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Briana Campbell
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Briana Campbell
Briana Campbell
Briana Campbell
Briana Campbell
Briana Campbell
Briana Campbell
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