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Carbon Neutral 

We care, and we act!

Light & Motion is the first dive equipment manufacturer to become carbon neutral.

For every Light & Motion dive light sold, we fund the Eden Project to plant 15 mangrove trees which more than offsets the total carbon footprint involved in the manufacture of a Sola dive light.

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“We are excited to continue our partnership with Light & Motion. Through their sponsorship, we are restoring areas that protect some of the best diving sites in the world. It takes committed generous donors like Light and Motion to fulfill our mission of fostering healthy relationships between communities and the land on which we all depend” - Bryan Adkins, CEO of Eden Reforestation Projects  

255,000+ Hectares Under Restoration

trees produced, planted, and protected

10 Countries

project sites in ten countries


employees empowered with fair wages

Like all our dive customers, we care deeply about the environment. Carbon neutrality is something we strive for in our personal lives and across our business. All dive lights sold by Light & Motion continue to be carbon neutral.

To achieve this, we've partnered with the Eden Project, a reforestation non-profit that has planted over 830 MILLION trees since creation - they plant trees for every dive light we sell.

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