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About Kali Protectives:

Kali Protectives is a renowned brand in the protective gear industry, specializing in manufacturing top-quality helmets for various sports disciplines. Founded by Brad Waldron, a former aerospace engineer and passionate cyclist, the company centers its mission on safety and technological innovation. Based in California, Kali Protectives combines scientific research, rigorous testing, and high-grade materials to develop helmets that set industry standards. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, continuous product improvement, and eco-conscious practices distinguishes them as a leader in their field. They have carved a niche for themselves by creating products that seamlessly blend functionality, comfort, and style.

Why We Love Kali Protectives:

Light & Motion CEO Daniel Emerson explains why the Kali Protectives Cascade is his helmet of choice.

We discovered Kali when our CEO, a long time biker, was looking for a new helmet. Like us, Kali is obsessed with quality. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers have a great experience. We're proud to feature Kali Protectives in our store - here's why:

Customer-Centric Approach: Kali Protective prioritizes their customers above all, providing swift shipping, top-tier support, and continuous improvement based on feedback. Their Lifetime Crash Replacement policy showcases their commitment to both customer safety and product evolution.

  • Lifetime Crash Replacement: You crash it. Kali replaces it. It’s that simple. They don’t do this as a marketing stunt or because they've lost their minds. They do this because what they learn from crashed helmets informs everything they do. They'll have you return your crashed helmets so they can take them back into their lab to cut them open, measure them, and dissect them. Kali will then use the information they gather from the unlucky few who test their helmets in ways they cannot recreate to build the next generation of Kali helmets. Of course, they prefer you never have to use the Lifetime Crash Replacement policy and suggest you replace your Kali helmets at respectable intervals.

Relentless Innovation: Kali Protectives is unceasing in its pursuit of superior product quality. They constantly refine, iterate, and innovate their offerings to ensure that customers receive the best protection possible, without compromising on comfort or style.

Great Attitude: Kali Protectives isn't just about manufacturing top-notch products; they are committed to providing unparalleled service. Their friendly, cooperative, and helpful team is always ready to assist customers, reflecting their strong customer-first ethos.

Inspiring Brand Story: With a mission rooted in creating the safest helmets, Kali's compelling journey is centered around founder Brad Waldron's tireless efforts to transform the industry. His relentless pursuit of safety, quality, and continuous innovation drives the brand forward, ensuring that Kali's best helmets are always yet to come.

Environmental Stewardship: Kali Protectives demonstrates a deep commitment to the environment by incorporating eco-friendly practices into their production process. From utilizing renewable and recycled materials to investing in ethical packaging, Kali makes every effort to minimize their ecological footprint.

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