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About Laird Superfood:

Laird Superfood was born out of Laird Hamilton’s drive for peak performance, which enabled him to become one of the most recognized and successful big wave surfers, as well as a watersports innovator across foiling, paddle boarding and kiting. The brand grew from his specially concocted morning coffee, infused with plant-based fats and wholesome ingredients that exploded with rich flavor and delivered sustained energy. This ethos of delivering excellence, taste, and energy has expanded beyond that initial cup of coffee to encompass a range of products designed to fuel every individual's best self, from dawn to dusk.

Why We Love Laird Superfood:

Real Fuel, Real Flavor, Real Fast

There is a great deal of hype around so-called “superfoods.” The promise is real, but who to believe? We are drawn to Laird because he has put his heart into exploring, testing and investing in products that have made a difference in his active life.

Everything Laird does is carefully considered, and uses only the best natural ingredients. From the signature coffee blends enhanced with contemporary favorites like matcha and mushroom to a variety of snacks and foods, everything is designed to boost and extend performance. We are all in, and have enjoyed the taste and good vibes we get from his products.

Customer Support

Manufacturer Warranty: For detailed information on warranty and product guarantees, it's always best to directly contact Laird Superfood or refer to the product packaging.



Phone: (541) 588-3600

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