Sola Charger 1A
Sola Charger 1A

Sola Charger 1A

part no. 800-0151-A


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The innovative Sola Dive Light utilizes factory-sealed technology to provide longterm flood-free performance. This charger easily plugs into the external wet-charge interface on the rear of the light so you never have to open the light to charge. Ultra-compact design is perfect for the traveling diver concerned with weight restrictions.

  • 1 Amp charger will fully charge Sola lights in 2.5 hours
  • Standard U.S. plug configuration
  • Compatible with Sola 800 and Video 2000 F (flood only) models
  • Thermal Management: Passive Cooling
  • Fast Charge: False

Customer Reviews

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I recently purchased a video tray and Sola 500 used on Facebook, but when I got home, the charger didn't work. Neither did cleaning the terminals on the light and the prongs on the charger, leaving me with a known working light and a non-working charger. I'm guessing it may have pinched the inner conductive wire at the base of the plug (on the light end of the cord) as I've read that's a common failure point with these chargers, especially as they age.

I purchased a replacement charger direct from Light & Motion (at the cheapest price I found online, which is rare for ordering something straight from the manufacturer). It arrived within 4-5 days and works perfectly, as expected. Thanks for breathing new life into my old light by offering these as a replacement accessory!

can t be used with previous model

It is a pity that I can t use the charger for the previous model. The pin is on the opposite side.

Thomas Baker
Excellent Product

The charger is easy to use and enables charging when the light is still a bit wet! Very reliable item!


Great charger that does what it is supposed to.

Thanks for the review! Glad you like the charger!

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