VIS/Urban Bar Mount

VIS/Urban Bar Mount

part no. 804-0221-B


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This replacement handlebar mount for Urban lights features a quick release design for city riders that need to remove lights when they park their bike. This spare mount is perfect for owners of multiple bikes that want to rotate the light quickly between them. For trail riders we recommend installing the included thumbscrew (eliminates quick release function) to ensure light doesn't release during the unforeseen crash.

  • Compatible with all model year Urban lights
  • Strap features specific rubber compound chosen to offer best balance of stretch, durability, and texture for grip on handlebar
  • Includes thumbscrew to use when the quick release function isn't needed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Where in all of your documentation do you actually talk about the VIS 500

    So manuals have two categories discontinued and current how would you know how would anybody know the VIS 500 is currently sold at Amazon and it's not listed anywhere in your documentation where to go guys make the Earth an ambiguous place so we can all just buy the wrong crap

    Works effectively thus far

    I was glad to see I could purchase a new mount separately from an entire light. The rubber strap snapped for my headlight (actually the second time it had happened... it had happened before but somebody subsequently stole that light so I ordered a new one). Anyway, this replacement mount has worked well so far. I think part of the reason my old mounts had snapped was due to my removing/remounting the entire mount+light each time I used my bike. I have now switched to simply sliding the light off and leaving the mount on my bike, and the strap has remained in good condition for a few months now. I am considering buying a second one of these mounts so that I can easily swap lights between my commuter and road bikes.

    Great service

    Wanted to add a light to my 2nd bike, just had to buy the universal mount, $20 +/-, shipped quickly, easy to move from one bike to the other.

    As Expected Works Great

    Works just as expected. Shipping was timely. Very happy.

    great prodcut

    Great product that easily attaches and detaches from the bars. I have 3 bikes in use and it is nice to have a good product at a reasonable cost so that I can move my light to whatever bike I am using.