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Alison Bounce


Alison Bounce is a professional photographer, in love with her planet and recently exiled in the Mediterranean area! She discovered photography in 2011 and made it her profession three years later. She quickly became specialist of underwater photography.

True fact : Water has scared her for a long time. And it's so crazy now for her, to spend almost all her day playing with it. Life is really surprising! 

Water is the most natural place to capture Humans. It's more than a photo shoot, it's a real experience. Ali trusts water's energy. For the last few years, she has invited her muses to be completely nude to connect with water. To feel the movement and let it go through the pain of daily life. Water is relaxing.

Alison Bounce is also an award winning photographer. She recently won the TEVA price of Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Award with her engaging photography about Breast cancer. That subject is really important for her. Breast cancer is a subject that she has unfortunately been dealing with for many years. It has affected several women in her family, including her maternal grandmother who is a precious part of her life. At that time, information about this disease was hard to find. Some associations existed but their communication was much less clear and present than today. When she started photography she wanted to spend some time on personal projects to contribute to causes that touched her.  It's her way of relaying information while offering an artistic interlude in the struggle of her muses.

A pioneer in France, now a specialist, this adventure takes her much further than she would have imagined. Since 2018, she has also become a trainer in aquatic photography. She developed her own underwater workshops and masterclasses. What an incredible experience to share more than her passion. It's a great pleasure for her to teach and share underwater artistic vision with others, including a recently published first book "The Secrets of the Underwater Portrait."









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