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Maxwel Hohn


Maxwel Hohn is an adventurer, photographer, filmmaker and social media marketing expert with a passion for showcasing British Columbia's natural diversity. Maxwel grew up on the Sunshine Coast of BC before travelling around the world evolving his skills as a photographer. Honduras, Vietnam, Norway, Greece, the Bahamas and Tanzania all helped sharpen his skills to become one of Canada's most prominent nature photographers. He became enveloped in the recreational scuba industry before earning his commercial diver certification, eventually becoming a commercial diving instructor. As his dive skills grew, so did his passion for underwater photography. Maxwel now contributes to several publications and has become a regular columnist for DIVER magazine. He often shares his photography and knowledge with others, and has amassed a strong and influential online following. Maxwel continues to travel, both internationally and within Canada, photographing, videoing and sharing his adventures across print, television, and online. Still in his early thirties, Maxwel has already achieved a huge amount within the diving industry. As he sets his sights on reaching a broader demographic, his upcoming expeditions and adventures will continue to push his image-making skills even further.  Maxwel’s accolades include winning Best Of Show at the 2018 and 2019 Monterey Shootout, contributing video to the BBC’s acclaimed Blue Planet series, and helping to make British Columbia’s underwater world become better understood. In addition to teaching unrestricted surface supply, and occupational scuba to international commercial divers, Maxwel is also a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, Hyperbaric Chamber Operator, Full Cave Diver, Rebreather Diver, and Tech Diver.

“I’ve been using Light & Motion products for the past 10 years. Their innovation has created amazing lights that have enabled give me to capture some unique underwater moments. My primary underwater video lights are the Sola Video Pro 15000’s. I’ve been absolutely blown away with their quality. They have fantastic battery life, a great colour temperature, beautiful light distribution, and are expedition grade tough!” -  Maxwel Hohn, Underwater Photographer & Videographer

4Maxwel Hohn Ruby Red Octopus

1Maxwel Hohn Steller Sea Lions 1

5Maxwel Hohn scuba diver surrounded by sea lions

3Maxwel Hohn Surf Anemones

6Maxwel Hohn kelp and starfish

8Maxwel Hohn Salmon Run

2Maxwel Hohn water lilies underwater with polywogs

7Maxwel Hohn kelp Dancing Fronds

9Maxwel Hohn Urchin Horde


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