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The Best Mountain Bike Lights of 2021 by Treeline Review


After reviewing more than a dozen mountain biking headlamps and handlebar lights, and cycling nights and early mornings on dark-skied trails, we’ve got the best MTB lights to recommend — the best overall, the best helmet-mounted light, the best upgrade (a headlamp and handlebar light combo), the best MTB light on a budget, and a list of top contenders says Treeline Review.

Best Overall Bike Light – Seca Comp 2000

For overall utility and brightness, our favorite was the 2000-lumen Light & Motion Seca 2000. It’s by no means the most technical or feature-rich light available, but the Seca 2000’s price, feature set, durability, ease of use, and the ability to fast-charge via USB were all compelling factors in its selection as Best Overall. 

Best Helmet Light  – Vis 360 Pro

While the Light & Motion Vis 360 Pro is technically the only helmet-specific light we tested, we really liked how easy it is to pop the light off and on the helmet. There’s a one-time setup for the mounts—you’ll have to weave them through the vents of your helmet—but you won’t feel them once they’re placed, and you’ll never have to think about them again. 

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