6-Cell Li-ion Battery Pack
6-Cell Li-ion Battery Pack

6-Cell Li-ion Battery Pack

part no. 804-0065-B


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Never run out of battery power with this high capacity 56 WHr Li-Ion battery pack. Designed for use in any condition, the compact pack with proprietary Light & Motion connection, becomes fully sealed when a power cable is attached. Rubber grooves and included velcro strap allows the battery to be secured to a frame, pole, or even stashed in a pocket or pack. Recharging is simple with the Light & Motion Mini L Charger (not included).

  • Battery pack integrates seamlessly with Seca and Imjin lights. CL and Sola imaging lights require light specific dongle (sold separately).
  • Mini-L Charger fully charges the battery pack in 5 hours
  • Includes velcro mounting strap
  • Thermal Management: Passive Cooling
  • Fast Charge: False

Customer Reviews

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Great battery, long life.

This is a replacement battery for the battery that came with a Seca 1400 light I bought in January of 2014. It was not until this November/December of 2020 I noticed the 2014 battery was only holding a charge for about 40-60 minutes, depending on how cold it was. Until then, the 2014 battery performed well. I had dropped it on my garage floor more than a few times, and it was used probably 4 to 5 times per week, year round. Functionally, the plug receptacle is great. Additionally, the Velcro supplied with the battery does a great job of tightly holding the battery to my frame. So, hoping the replacement performs as well as the original. I will keep the 2014 battery as a spare.

Battery life

What is the battery life for each of the packs for each level of usage? Can’t find this info anywhere.

Battery led

Sorry can’t see where else to ask questions.
When should the red led light on the battery next to the charging port light up?? I’ve put it on charge for the first charge and it’s not on??
The only light I can see is on the charger itself.

Top Quality

I have used the Seca light for about 10 years now with great results. These Enduro 6-cell batteries are powerful and long-lasting.

I ride about 100 -150 miles per week, my equipment works hard! I have 4 batteries from 2013 and 2014 still working fine, with only a slight drop-off in runtime. I just bought four more, and my old batteries will become emergency backups.

The waterproof rating is real! I've been caught in life-threatening storms, riding for hours to get out of the woods and my lights and batteries never failed.

The chargers are also fast and durable- I'm still using my 2013 charger.

In November, it's "Lights On" at about 5:30 PM. Riding till 11 PM, I use two batteries, and keep one more in my pack as a backup.

This is your no-compromise, top of the line option. Highly recommend!

Amazing Light

The light itself is awesome. My 3 cell battery stopped holding charge about a year after I bought it. (After approx 100 night rides) I had already purchased a 6 cell so I never bothered contacting L & M (nor my local bike shop) to remediate it.

I’ve just ordered another 6 cell to keep me powered for an upcoming 24hr endurance race (MTB). Excellent product overall!